Wow - Canadians

I was literally just sitting in the lobby of the hostel - and there was a group of Canadians discussing how epic it would be -  to be near a Tim Hortons...Hahahahahaha - I can't believe I just experienced that.

 I had to post it immediately. 


Copenhagen thus far

Finally in Copenhagen. After a long flight and navigating to the hostel I am finally settled in. The first day out I ended up walking 20 + miles and a train ride to Malmo Sweden...resulted in a regretfully sore and tiring next day. Hopefully once my feet have recovered I can get back out and discover something worth photographing. One thing I've noticed so far - people are very hard to talk to in Denmark - to spark a conversation with anyone is like pulling teeth. Two conversations have been had - one with a girl from brazil in my hostel room and a man from scotland that I mistakenly started talking to. The goal is to compile portraits of locals - no success as of yet. 

Should I be in Venezuela?

As a photographer i've always had the passion to convey a story for the oppressed and suffering. It sometimes is such an urge - it tempts me to quite my day job and take off to another country and like the great James Nachtwey document for the world to see the atrocities others are suffering from.